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The STOmics Cloud is a multi‑omics data intelligent analysis platform featuring temporal and spatial characteristics. It can manage and analyze multi‑omics data, publish, share, and utilize biological data tools. STOmics Cloud is centered around projects, allowing users to quickly integrate data and tools into projects, ensuring traceability of the analysis process, reproducibility of results, knowledge sharing, and project collaboration, forming a project analysis system. Through a user‑friendly portal, it provides flexible and easy‑to‑use no‑code workflow analysis and interactive analysis, high‑resolution visualization analysis, and personalized analysis services. Any registered user can easily access, analyze, use, and share data and tools on the platform.

Platform Name and Access

Platform Name:

Chinese: 时空云平台 (abbreviated as "时空云")

English: STOmics Cloud

Global sites

The STOmics Cloud is deployed in multiple regions worldwide,including China, Asia‑Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. Here are the access addresses for each site:

Citation Instructions

If you complete data analysis using the STOmics Cloud platform, we expect you to mention or acknowledge STOmics Cloud in the citation or acknowledgements section of your publication. For example:

Acknowledgement: We express our gratitude to the computing platform STOmics Cloud (https://cloud.stomics.techopen in new window) for enabling workflow automation and accelerating Stereo‑seq data analysis.

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